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K span buildings are continous arch steel panel building that are fabricated by using a troll based roll forming and bending factory that can be transported to the construction site for working. The individual fabricated steel panels are seamed togeather by using electric driven hand operated seaming machine that connects them together in the panel bay of four to six panel section. These sections of the panel bay are raised using crane and placed on the foundation and joined to the adjacent building section together using the seaming machine. Pak Forever is a newly founded company with the main focus on expanding the innovative use of K-Span System in Pakistani markets, in turn , offering cost effective alternatives to the traditional construction methods available.


K-span steel construction is unique building system of this century. Steel sheets, delivered in coils are transformed by roll forming into arched corrugated panels that form the monologue structure in the shed format capable of with standing heavy live, collateral and wind load without the use of columns, beams or trusses.


The roll forming and bending process is carried out by using a state of the art factory on wheels that produces durable steel buildings in days rather than weeks or months. This technological sophisticated machine uses an integrated computer controlled system to produce unique structures from various designs with ground to ground, self-supporting panels seamed with each other that required no beams, trusses, columns, nuts, bolts, fasteners, screws or adhesives.


K-span Buildings are constructed on a continuous concrete strip footing along the building. It fits all kinds of soils, as the roof and wall loads are transferred to the foundation through the base of each arch.

No Structural farming as trusses or any nuts, bolts, rivets or screws are required to join a K-SPAN manufactured panels.

Steel is formed and produced at the mill by cold roll forming process according to the specifications of construction norms which keeps the physical parameters of the steel panel during the process of manufacturing.


The K-SPAN steel buildings are waterproofed, because the arches are seamed together in a totally waterproof joint (no holes, bolts, screws etc). The arches’ shape of the building gives the possibility to disperse the forces’ effect on the building whether it was air pressure, explosions, earthquakes.

Because of its weather protection capabilities, the K-SPAN steel system is preferred to cover stores, factories, workshops, airplane hangers, military barracks, food grain storage and many other applications.

K-SPAN protection facilities are distinguished with their architectural, geometrical and beautiful designs that complete the outside view of the building with an artistic touch of beauty, whether it was outside or inside the building.


Multiple K-Span profiles are available which are all cold formed on site from coiled steel sheet with thickness varying from 0.6mm up to 1.5mm. It can make a building span from 8 meters to 24 meters. The length of the building is no limit.

This allows for easy optimization of the design to minimize the tonnage of material to be transported to site.


Benefits of K-SPAN buildings

  • K-Span is self-supported structure without Trusses, pillers or ancillary supports.
  • K-Span buildings are 100% leak proof and no maintenance is required.
  • The buildings can with stand wind up to 140 Kph
  • The K-Span buildings are rust free, earth quick resistant and fire proof.
  • K-Span technology reduce cost 20%-30% w.r.t conventional construction technique
  • Factory on wheels make the project completion in days instead of months
  • Faster project turnout and installation process is very fast because of on site working
  • It is aesthetically appealing building with an un-obstructed inner clear span


Pak Forever construction has Buildings by K Span Technology