Complete Solar Power Solutions

/Complete Solar Power Solutions
01. Residential Solar System

We offer a range of residential solar systems after applying years in research and development to make them as efficient as possible. Our residential systems include both on-grid and battery backup based solar energy solutions. Our technological experts have designed intelligent solar energy management and storage systems for every household using state-of-the-art technology and most reliable components. Our battery based Intelligent Solar Energy Management System (ISEMS) ensures that your solar power is available to you day and night. Nearly 75% of your annual electricity consumption is covered with self-generated clean energy. You need very little electricity from Wapda and are protected against ever increasing energy prices. Your independent energy is reliable and always available. Our range of flexible, modular and expandable systems offer solutions to suit every household. We offer Custom Solutions based on your requirements, available roof space and budget.

02. Industrial Solar System

Industries have Heavy load requirements and they generally have a large available area. This makes solar a perfect energy solution for industries. Increase in the share of renewables in energy portfolio is another incentive for many big industries for using ‘industrial solar power’. This helps them meet their RPOs (Renewable Purchase Obligations). Industries can generate solar power using an in-house solar plant or through an off-site solar farm. The produced solar energy then powers normal operations of the plant like lighting, ventilation and equipment power supply. Industrial solar power plants can also be equipped with a battery storage system to provide back-up power and maximise solar usage. Solar power plants also help in reducing overall cost of energy for industries.

Thermovision Energy is an experienced Industrial solar solution provider with a proven track record and technical expertise. We can also provide you the best consultancy to meet your industrial energy needs using solar.

03. Commercial Solar System

Alternate and renewable energy source such as solar energy for any commercial venture is the need of the hour as the electricity tariff is ever increasing and the difference between the supply and demand is ever widening. We at Pantera Energy not only offer you the best possible solution for your high-energy consumption requirements and control the increasing operational costs, but also provide you an opportunity of the best investment a business with an un-shaded roof can make. The cost of solar power is way much cheaper than every increasing cost of electricity form the grid. Plus feed-in tariffs are usually available for surplus solar electricity businesses send into the grid. Your solar installation makes it easy to lower down your business’s operational costs and plan for the future energy requirements. We help you transform your available space into a sustainable source of energy.

04. Agriculture Solar System

Agriculture is the base of Pakistani economy and till date, there are many fertile lands where irrigation is impossible and costly due to non-availability of electricity. Unstable rural grid and insufficient energy infrastructure results in massive annual losses to our agricultural economy. Based on our thorough studies on implications of these limitations, we have developed solar water pumping systems at very affordable prices with high reliability to overcome these problems. As rural settlements have ample free space and sun hours, solar energy is the natural alternatives to cover the gap between supply and demand. Our systems are specially designed to lift water for irrigation, horticulture farms and gardens. We feel proud for having played a vital role in helping the government in achieving its goal of drip irrigation and solar electrification targets.

05. Pumps Solar System

Get a solar system for Petrol Pump Once install than no need of your 30KVA Generator This system is good to save your all wapda and Generator bills and cost. see our systems installed on petrol Pumps. Solar System for Petrol Pump by Pakistan Solar Traders a premier Business to Business marketplace and largest online business directory. Find Solar System for Petrol Pump from Pakistan complete basis & contact information, business offers, availability & related Energy products. This page gives you information about the authentic sellers of this product. It allows buyers and sellers communication directly. It can also facilitate the buyers to purchase the product in reasonable prices.

06. LED Lights

LED Lighting products reduce your lighting cost by up to 80% so it will significantly reduce your electricity bill. our products do not only reduce your electricity bill but also durable and have a long life and are good for decorating event places. Our LED products last 40 times longer than an average incandescent bulb, reducing the replacement cost. our products are not only fit for indoor places but also for outdoor they are cost-effective and energy saving so they are best for deco lighting.LED Lights product helps to create a healthier environment at your home or office because of its better color, output, and uniformity. Crest LED help to control carbon footprints and are 100% recyclable.

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