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About Us

Thermovision aim is to provide the best standardized designed solution as to satisfy the needs in meaningful and acceptable manner which gives complete satisfaction to the end user on time and with best cost available.

First We offer cost effective and totally independent Solar energy solution which can be used as an alternate solution in urban areas and independent solution for rural areas consumer to address their present and future needs of heating of water, home, hospitals, schools and other community, we provide Solar water heating, Solar water pumps for commercial, industrial and home users. For industrial purposes, this is a very key and most important solution, as there is continues requirement of heating.

Second The energy conservation solution in this regard we offer Light Emitting Diode (LED) based indoor to outdoor illumination system ranging from 01 watt to 300 watt which is very energy efficient, environmental friendly, cost effective, Low maintenance, more life as compared to normal lighting system.

The Brand !!

Core emphasis is educating the customer, designing, implementing and supporting an economically and technically viable renewable energy based solution with built in long term reliability and sustainability.

Every solution is backed by economic and technical rationale and is jointly reviewed and agreed with the customer. For the above stated quotes we have launched brand of Quality and Trust. BARAKAH is used for our all LED Products and Solar Solutions.

Thermovision History

The company was established in 2007 as a legal entity under Companies Ordinance with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Islamabad. The main purpose defined under this umbrella is to promote the alternate energy in Pakistan as our country is in major energy crises. Since its formation, highly qualified personnel and experts were engaged in the view to promote the industry. Different sectors were studied with different expertise. More emphasis was made on research and development. Major areas are Energy conservation, lower consumption of reserves, better utilization of resources, selection of alternate solutions, friendly environment behaviour. With the help of these studies, we are successful in finding the best solution for community.